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What is NALCP?

The National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals (“NALCP”) is a non-profit organization comprised of in-house liquor licensing and compliance professionals specializing in on and off premises retail liquor licensing. Formed in 2006, NALCP is the first and only organization of its kind to provide services, support and networking on behalf of industry’s in-house liquor licensing professionals. NALCP Members include licensing professionals from various industries including restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, grocery and other retail services.

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Since 1999, we are involved in various aspects of liquor business in Florida. Besides owning package stores in South Florida, we are involved in multiple license exchange events. We only sell our licenses. This way, we make sure that the licenses are clean.

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Available liquor Licenses


 Hillsborough County liquor license available, Our Price for Hillsborough county is $329K.

Lee County

Lee County liquor license available, Our Price for Lee county is 395K.

Indian County

Indian river county liquor license available, Our Price for Indian river county is $590KK.


Volusia County liquor license available, Our Price for Volusia county is $579K.

Liquor licenses

Recently Sold Licenses

We are actively dealing with liquor licenses since 1999. We sold many licenses in the state of Florida for different-different counties like Duval, Dade, Volusia, Lee, Broward, Orange, etc. Most of them are owned by us, so we make sure that they are clean. We also provide easy In-house finances with the lowest interest rates.


In January 2020, we sold Volusia county’s liquor license for $269K.


In December 2019, we sold Duval county’s liquor license for $379K.


In August 2019, we sold Orange county’s liquor license for $320K.


In November 2018, we sold Seminole county’s liquor license for $110K.


In May 2018, we sold Martin county’s liquor license for $220K.


In March 2018, we sold Lake county’s liquor license for $190K.

Palm beach

In December 2017, we sold Palm beach county’s liquor license for $145K.


In December 2017, we sold Hillsborough county’s liquor license for $138K.

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If you want to sell beer or wine, you can apply for a consumption-on-premise license or a package license. A quota license is needed If you want to sell liquor.


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