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Difference between a restaurant liquor license and a tavern liquor license – Liquor License Advisers

Restaurant liquor license

A Restaurant license, also known as the SRX license is a license for the sale of the Beer, Wine, and Liquor. They can sell alcoholic beverages in the restaurant on the premises. Serving alcohol in the restaurant can drastically increase the restaurant’s profits five fold. But the law says that the revenue generated from the sale of alcohol and beer should not be the foremost income. At least 51% of the revenue should be generated from the sale of food and other non-alcoholic beverages in the restaurant. If you are planning to purchase an SRX liquor license, you should also consider county/local municipalities’ laws about the license. Also, you must follow all the regulations by the department of alcohol and beverages.

Tavern liquor license

The tavern is normally preferred for a business meeting or for the people to hang out. In the tavern, people gather to drink alcoholic beverages. Tavern also serves food, but they do not have a kitchen for the preparation of food, but they do serve snacks or fast food as per the availability. A tavern also welcomes travellers and operates as an Inn. Tavern license is subjected to offer only on-premises alcoholic beverages. In those alcoholic beverages, liquor and spirits are not counted. They offer beer and wine.

The major difference between a restaurant license and a tavern license is their source of revenue generation. As per the law, in a restaurant, food should be the primary source of revenue while in tavern alcohol is the primary source of revenue.

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